Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Thai Recipes – Cookbook – Roaster & Slow Cooker Thai Recipes


With a wide variety of Thai Recipes, this Cookbook, will no doubt become one of your favorite go-to’s when craving authentic Thai dishes.

Are you looking for a simple way to create restaurant favorites like Pad Thai in your own kitchen? With the Thai Slow Cooker Cookbook, you can enjoy fresh and flavorful Thai dishes at home with the convenience of your slow cooker or roaster.

Why Slow Cook These Beautiful Thai Recipes?

Today’s busy world can make getting a healthy and satisfying meal on the table a real challenge. Skip the wait for takeout and come home to wholesome Thai food, cooked by you, for you and waiting right there to be eaten.

black-and-decker-crockpotSlow cooking also consolidates steps, takes out the guesswork and infuses dishes with flavor.

This really is the complete Thai cookbook for slow cookers. You get background info about Thailand and Thai food, it gives you information about ingredients you will need. It explains the kitchen tools you will need to have on hand and so much more.
It gives you recipes for many Thai dishes you may want to make, such as Soups, Noodles & Rice, Vegetable Dishes, Seafood Dishes, Chicken Dishes, Meat Dishes, Salads & Sides, Sauces & Pantry Staples.  And also provides you with conversion tables. You just can’t go wrong with this cookbook.
thai-1This is the perfect book for any beginner. It is very detailed and thorough. It goes over the various types of Thai foods. There is also a Do and Do Not section for your slow cooker.
Next is the breakdown of the ingredients. This is extremely helpful for anyone who isn’t familiar with all of the components used in Thai cooking. It also gives tips on where to find the products and spices that can be used as substitutions if you cannot find some of the ingredients called for.
Thai RecipesThe recipes are easy to follow and detailed in their steps. There are a wide variety of wonderful recipes in this Thai recipe cookbook. Including cooking tips!
At the top of every recipe it gives you the name of the dish in English and then in Thai. It also says if the recipes are soy or nut free. The level of preparation. A description of the dish, how many it serves, and prep/cook times. A fascinating read.
Get your Thai Recipes in This Great Cookbook today and start your collection of Recipes From Around the Globe!

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