Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Vinara – Wine Bottle Opener & Cork Remover – Vinara Products

vinara wine bottle openerVinara Wine Bottle Opener
Cork Remover 

VINARA AIR PUMP uses air and a strong Teflon needle for fast cork removal

  • The new Vinara air pump wine opener is a simple, easy, fast, and efficient way to open up a bottle of wine without the hassle of pulling and twisting
  • Simply slid the needle in, pump a few times and the cork is out!
  • Cork Pops (CO2 Injector) Vinara Wine Pump is a handle with a long needle which is inserted down through the cork.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


Works Great with Vinara Wine Aerator Decanter, Vinara Easy Foil Cutter, and the Vinara Wine Stopper and Vacuum


vinara wine bottle stopper with vacuum pumpVinara Wine Bottle Stopper With Vacuum Pump 

Vinara Wine Stopper sealer with vacuum pump feature combined all-in-one.Very easy and efficient to use. Just insert stopper and pump the lever to remove air. The vacuum pump will extract the air from an opened wine bottle. Keeps red and white wines fresh much longer by removing all air from bottle. Lifetime Limited Warranty

Features All-In-One For Air-Tight Wine Storage

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Vinara Wine Bottle Foil Remover
Sharp 4 Wheel Wine Foil Cutter Opener with Magnets
  • Vinara Handheld Foil Cutter effortlessly prepares wine bottles for serving
  • 4-wheel system with razor-sharp blades quickly removes foil from wine bottles
  • Vinara One-step operation requires no more than a quarter turn of the wrist
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and SUPER easy usage!

Effortlessly prepare wine bottles for serving with help from this handsome Vinara Foil Cutter. An invaluable addition to any in-home bar, the handheld unit features a patented four-wheel system with razor-sharp cutters that quickly and easily strip the foil crown from any wine bottle. The one-step Foil Cutter–which requires no more than a quarter turn of the wrist–releases foil cleanly, without loose strands or bits that could fall inside the bottle and contaminate wine after opening.

Ergonomically designed for comfort, the foil cutter’s smart use of leverage makes it simple to open bottle after bottle while hosting large or small gatherings. With its classic frosted-black finish that merges beautifully with other Screwpull bar tools and implements, the foil cutter measures approximately 4 by 2-8/9 by 1-4/5 inches and carries a five-year limited warranty.

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vinara decanterVinara Essential Red Wine Aerator Pourer Decanter
  • Easy to use and convenient to store- Patented Vinara Wine design speeds up breathing process by instantly aerating in the time it takes to pour a glass of wine
  • Hold aerator over wine glass and pour wine through for instant 360° MULTI-STAGE Aeration; mixes proper amount of air in right amount of time. Makes the party fun and creates plenty of conversations
  • Makes a perfect seasonal gift. Fancy Bar Tool. Easily and conveniently enhances the flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine, makes a better bouquet, Guaranteed!
  • Passes the FDA food grade material approval. Made of acrylic, and stainless steel the aerator comes with a no-drip stand.
  • Vinara Wine Aerator is the only one that can be easily detached and Cleaned

Use the Wine Aerator and watch the aeration as your glass fills. No decanting. Vinara brings out your wine’s true essence and bouquet. No waiting. Vinara aerates wine perfectly in seconds, glass after glass. People who enjoy wine know it needs time to “breathe” to maximize the bouquet, flavor, and finish. Some open the bottle 15 minutes or so before drinking the wine, some swirl the wine in the glass, others use a decanter and funnel to pour the wine slowly. These methods do not achieve the best results. Vinara aerates the wine gently and instantly mixing in just the right amount of air in the right amount of time as you fill your glass. Vinara 360° aeration adds “micro-bubbles” of air to the wine. Oxygen in the air reacts with the organic compounds in the wine to release its aromas and flavors to enhance your taste experience.

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