Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Aroma Whole Meal Roaster Oven – The Convenience Of All In One

Aroma Whole Meal Roaster OvenAroma Whole Meal Roaster Oven

One of Roaster Pro’s Favorite pieces of cookware is the Aroma Whole Meal Roaster Oven. As a company that caters to rather large banquets, having equipment that does multiple jobs, and does them well, is a must. We have used several multiple cooking units before but have come to rely on the whole Meal Roaster Oven by Aroma as a trusted constant in our company.

My oldest sister also relies on the same piece of cookware at her annual 4th of July party. She has put the party on every year for as long as I can remember and for that same amount of time has always prepared the same honey baked hams, scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole to serve at that party. And she does it all in the Aroma Whole Meal Roaster OvenIn fact, I believe it was she who actually introduced my to this particular piece of cookware. 

A Wonderful Piece Of Cookware For Personal Use

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No more hassle over oven space during holiday seasons or large gatherings! (Let’s say a football or a garden party – two of my favorite kinds of family and friend events) You can cook and enjoy your main course meal in one appliance with the Aroma 30-Quart Whole Meal Roaster Oven.

Its spacious 22-Quart base tray cooks up to a 24-pound turkey, while two 4-quart top trays offer eight quarts of additional cooking space, ideal for your veggies, casseroles and other side dishes.

An easy-to-use temperature dial allows you to set cooking temperature between 150 and 450 degrees. It is perfect for roasting, baking and steaming your family’s culinary favorites. Easy lift-out rack and removable top and base trays make serving and cleaning a breeze.

Aroma Whole Meal Roaster Oven

Short on space? No worries. The extension and top trays neatly collapse into base tray for compact storage and easy portability. Cooking for the holidays or large gatherings just got a lot easier with all new Aroma 30-Quart Whole Meal Roaster Oven.

Whether you are cooking for family, friends, or large events, this is one Roaster Oven you want to check out.

It is a Roaster Pro Favorite

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