Saturday 21 July 2018
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The Complete Book Of Turkish Cooking-Ingredients,Techniques,Traditions

Turkish The Complete Book Of Turkish Cooking: All The Ingredients, Techniques And Traditions Of An Ancient Cuisine

Discover classic and modern Turkish cooking in more than 150 authentic recipes, shown step by step, in 800 sumptuous photographs. (amazon excerpt)

by Ghillie Basan 

This is a beautiful book, both inside and out. The photographs are amazing and quite enticing. The recipes are as tempting as a cook book can get. They are easy to understand, with most ingredients fairly easy to find at the local grocery store. This manual also delivers great background in Turkish culture as well as it’s cuisine.

I enjoyed the book at once. One of my younger sisters just gave it to me as a Christmas exchange gift and we spent the afternoon going through it and deciding which of the wonderful looking recipes we would try first. (Why do I see a Turkish cook off in my near future.)

About The Author

Ghillie Basan has worked all over the world as a cookery writer, journalist, and restaurant critic. She is Cordon Bleu trained and has written a number of highly acclaimed books, including the bestselling Flavours of Morocco and Tagines & Couscous for Ryland Peters & Small. She lives in the Scottish highlands, where she runs popular cookery workshops.

Martin Brigdale is a well-known British photographer specializing in food. He has photographed many cookbooks in England and the Untied States, including Foods of Greece, The Mediterranean Pantry, Michel Roux Desserts, and French Country Cooking. He is an enthusiastic home cook and loves to travel.

You can pick up your copy of  The Complete Book Of Turkish Cooking: All The Ingredients, Techniques And Traditions Of An Ancient Cuisine here. For the price, grab two. It makes a great gift. 


TurkishYou may also be interested in:

The Sultan’s Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook by Ozcan Ozan 

(amazon excerpt)

Ranging from favorites such as chickpea pilaf to richly stewed lamb on a bed of eggplant, today’s Turkish cuisine is fresh, distinctive, and flavorful—the result of over five centuries of culinary tradition.

Whether you want to warm up with a tangy Peasant Soup (a hearty chicken soup), or top off a meal with a mouthwatering Pistachio Seomina Cake, The Sultan’s Kitchen will show you how to produce the exotic tastes and aromas of Turkish food in your own kitchen.

It offers over 125 healthy, delicious recipes that are both easy to prepare and based on readily available ingredients.

The Sultan’s Kitchen also shows you how to prepare a complete Turkish dinner, and features stunning images by photographer Carl Tremblay. This Turkish cookbook is sure to inspire you to create meals fit for a Sultan!

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