Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Karrsen Dome Oven – Featuring “Captive Heat Technology”

Karrsen Dome OvenKarrsen Dome Oven by Karrsen 

The Karrsen Dome Oven was new to Roaster Pro but is now one of my favorite pieces of cookware. Don’t pass up the opportunity to give this unit a try. You may never cook the same again.

-A Roaster Pro Favorite

Captive Heat Technology

The New, Revolutionary and Patented BR-2 Dome Oven with Proprietary “Captive Heat Technology” incorporates a beautiful black metal flake Dual Wall Domed lid to capture heat and provide delicious meals up to 40% faster than conventional methods. It’s like having a portable ‘Brick Oven’ in your kitchen.

You can use the BR-2 to bake or roast almost anything your conventional or roaster oven will cook while saving space, energy and precious time. No more waiting 15 to 20 minutes and heating up your kitchen by preheating your conventional oven! The BR-2 Dome Oven with “Captive Heat Technology” has adjustable temperature settings of 250 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, uses only 1150 watts and preheats in less than 6 minutes!

Karrsen Dome OvenThe easy to use reversible rack with high & low positions and handles allows you to bake up to a 12″ Pizza, two whole chickens, breads, cakes, cookies, potatoes and many other delicious foods and complete meals. Roast and beautifully brown a 22 pound Turkey up to 40% faster without continuous basting. It’s faster & easier since there’s no need to cook in a traditional electric roaster and then transfer to a conventional oven to get that crispy brownness. Weighing only 7.5 pounds, it’s lightweight, allows for portability and it’s size gives you another oven in the kitchen.

A beautiful stainless steel Bottom Pan is perfect to use as an elegant serving tray. The BR-2 bottom pan also has a convenient pour spout to allow you to catch and use drippings from your turkeys, roasts or chickens to make delicious gravies and soups. The Revolutionary and Patented BR-2 Dome Oven with Proprietary “Captive Heat Technology” ease of use and cooking flexibility makes it suitable for kitchens to cook year round.

Karrsen Dome Oven by Karrsen

This great dome roaster comes in several colors and will compliment any kitchen decor.

  • Patented Dome Oven with Beautiful Metal flake Black outer and Enamel coated inner Dual Wall Domed Lid
  • Revolutionary “Captive Heat Technology” cooks up to 40% faster than conventional methods
  • The BR-2 can Bake a 12″ Pizza, 2-chickens, Breads, Cakes, Potatoes or Roast & Brown up to a 22 pound Turkey
  • Saves energy, only 1150 watts and preheats in less than 6 minutes
  • Easy to handle and weighs only 7.5 pounds

Check out this five star appliance and the wonder of Captive Heat Technology Here 

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