Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Proctor Silex Portable Roaster Oven – 6.5 Quarts – The Perfect Party Size

Proctor Silex Portable Roaster

Irish Bangers and Mash – pic credit wiki

The Proctor Silex Portable Roaster Oven

Last St Patrick’s Day I went to a Bar and Grill where my BFF Janet works as a bar manager. There was a great band, green beer and hats all over the place. It was one of the best public parties I’d been to for quit sometime. And, as tradition goes, the bar, and some very generous contributing patrons, did serve up a great table of free food to go along with the celebration.

The green covered tables were filled to the edges with roaster after roaster of traditional, and not so traditional, Irish dishes. There was, of course, corn beef and cabbage. Great hard rolls and butter. Bangers and Mash with Brown Onion Gravy. The bar also served the best Colcannon I’ve ever eaten. (It was so good, in fact, I hunted down the woman who made it and practically twisted her arm to get the recipe.)

Roaster Pro Investigates

Proctor Silex Portable RoasterAnd, of course, you know me, I had to check out all of the cookware that harbored these culinary masterpieces. The crock pots and ricers and roasters galore. I noticed, however, that one particular brand named roaster dominated the table top. It was the Proctor Silex Portable Roaster Oven. When I made mention of this fact, that would have made most people look at me funny, to my BFF Janet, she said that the bar had been in need of new roasters and those were the ones they’d chosen. They had purchased five of them and could not be more please with them.

I personally had never used this particular roaster name brand before, although I do own a Proctor Silex Electric skillet and a Proctor Silex Crock Pot.  So I was curious as to why the bar had chosen these particular roasters over others. So I did a little research…

Proctor Silex Portable RoasterFrom The Manufacturer of the Proctor Silex Portable Roaster Oven

Easy roasting and baking for parties

and large family (and/or friends) gatherings.

Proctor Silex Roaster Ovens make it easy to feed a crowd. (Yep. They got that right!) Not only do these convenient roaster ovens bake, roast, and cook like a traditional oven, they’re also great for making popular desserts like cheesecake and pound cake. Best of all, they are portable, making them perfect for cooking away from home. (That point was completely evident. Even Janet remarked on the fact that moving them from the kitchen to the banquet table to out side to the horse shoe tournaments was done with ease.)

Proctor Silex Portable RoasterWhether you’re roasting a turkey, baking potatoes, or cooking a side dish, (like Irish Lamb Stew or Shepard’s Pie) the Proctor Silex Roaster Ovens give you the extra cooking space you need when your main oven is busy cooking other dishes or desserts. After the meal, you can relax, (or throw some darts, drink a green beer and listen to a local band) because the Proctor Silex Roaster Ovens have a removable cooking pan that lifts out for easy cleanup at the sink.

From The Bar and Banquet Room Manager

Because the bar and grill relies on their roasters for every day specials, as well as huge public gatherings, Janet insisted on a roaster that was large enough yet not over whelming and intrusive on a serving table. She needed fast, easy clean up and the Proctor Silex Portable Roastercapability to move the product from location to location with ease. The Proctor Silex Roaster Ovens gave her everything she needed. And she recommends them highly for both personal use and on a much larger professional scale. She did add that she would suggest also buying the HIC Oval Wire Roasting Baking Broiling Rack because one doesn’t come with the roaster itself. She likes using a rack when preparing things like meatloaf or large roasts and turkeys or chickens. 

I will take that as a plus and advise checking out the entire line of The Proctor Silex Roaster Ovens Here

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