Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Waring Portable Roaster Oven – 60 Years of Professional

Waring Portable Roaster OvenWaring – 60 Years of Professional

When catering any event, whether it be in our professional capacity or just coming together for one of our many family events, we are constantly in search of the cookware that is capable of withstanding the wear that we will no doubt place upon it.

My youngest sister was in need of a new roaster for her church and she was quite impressed with the Waring Professional Stainless-Steel Portable Roaster Oven.  When I mentioned that Roaster Pro was looking to review a new roaster, she insisted that the Waring Portable Roaster Oven was the one we should look at. And, as all of my sisters are excellent cooks and constantly displaying their culinary talents in one fashion or another, they are likewise always looking at me for advice on the best cookware. This time however, I was rather anxious to take her advice and check out a roaster oven that I’d never used before. 

The Waring Portable Roaster Oven

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Waring Portable Roaster OvenWaring has been making products for commercial kitchens for over 60 years. Today Waring Pro brings that expertise home with premium, commercial-quality products, including the Waring Professional Stainless-Steel Portable Roaster Oven.

The Waring Pro Professional Roaster Oven does the job of an oven with the convenience of a counter top appliance. With the capability to hold up to a 20-lb. turkey, this roaster oven can perform a multitude of duties with a temperature range up to 450º F.

Perfect for gatherings of hungry family and friends, it also frees up precious oven space when cooking several courses or massive meals. The enamel pan is easy to remove and, along with the lid, is dishwasher-safe.

Commercially approved and exceptionally easy to clean, this counter top Roaster Oven is destine to become another Waring Pro Classic and a Roaster Pro favorite.

Remember that your cookware is as important as the ingredients you plan to serve from them. Enjoy your cooking experience with the The Waring Professional Stainless-Steel Portable Roaster Oven. Get yours here today! 

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