Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Deep Fryer – VonShef 3 Litre Non-Stick Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

 Deep FryerThe VonShef 3 Litre Non-Stick Stainless Steel Deep Fryer 

Ever notice how the first place you glance to, on any given menu, in any given restaurant, is the deep fried item column? Well, I can’t hide the fact that that is exactly where I head too. And it never ceases to amaze me how many items we have come to love out of the deep fryer. The recipes are actually unlimited.  If you can eat it, you can deep fry it!

How We Met

My oldest sister is an excellent party thrower and so, when I asked her for a few of her recipes for finger foods she offered me three deep fried appetizer recipes. She also showed me her new fryer and I was quite impressed.  It was the VonShef 3 Litre Non-Stick Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Viewing Window. I loved it at once. I had always used a commercial sized fryer and honestly had never really owned one at my house. 

Here are a few facts about the VonShef Non-Stick Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Contemporary, high grade stainless steel housing with viewing window in lid and removable non-stick enamel oil pan. Stainless steel frying basket with detachable cool touch handle.

-Features non-slip feet and built-in cable compartment for convenient storage.

-Large 3L capacity deep fryer from VonShef – perfect for frying sweet and savory recipes including chips, fish, chicken, doughnuts, fritters, chocolate bars, spring rolls and more!.

-Thermostatic temperature control – adjustable between 250°F – 370°F. -With viewing window. -Non-stick, easy clean.

Not only is this lean fryer cute as punch, it’s so practical in every kitchen. I personally use one now for wings and seasoned onion rings! My sister uses hers for pickles, Oreo’s and stuffed jalapeno’s. The deep fried options are endless in this thing! Jim even keeps a deep fryer at the lake! He serves deep fired hot dogs to die for!

Here’s my recipe for Deep Fried Pepperoni Stuffed Banana Peppers

When your banana peppers start coming on in the garden it can be a little overwhelming. I don’t freak out though. I make a mixture of grated mozzarella cheese and grated pepperoni sticks and stuff it in some banana peppers and deep fry them in a beer batter. Then serve them with warm pizza sauce! I always make these ahead of time and let them sit in the frig over night. Then, when we are ready to fry, I dip them in the batter and away we go!


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