Friday 20 July 2018
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Corn Dogs – Hot Dog on a Stick Maker – Cake Pops and More

corn dog machineCORN DOGS ON A STICK MACHINE – Cooks up to 6 delicious corn dogs in minutes!

EASY TO USE KITCHEN ESSENTIAL – Ready tone lets you know when the corn dogs are cooked to perfection!

CAKE POPS AND MORE – Let your creativity soar making cake pop creations!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED – Comes with 50 skewers!

BEST SELLING HOUSE WARE – No Messy Frying! Cookware that makes cooking in your kitchen a breeze and only runs you about $25.00!

Well you know me! I read that and I just had to order this gem and check it out for myself. But I have to say I wasn’t the first. My sister already knew how much fun this appliance was and she uses it in some very fun ways!

Let The Party Begin

My youngest sister just held a really fun event for the youth fellowship in the church she attends. It was an evening of worship, conversation, music and food! And some really great food I might add. One of the best things there however was this adorable corn dog machine. I was so impressed, that I asked to take my turn putting this treat together and dishing it out to the waiting hands.

When the event was over I asked my sister about this appliance and she handed me a recipe book that came with the maker and told me to check it out. She said since she came across it, she has created all kinds of food on a stick.

Well, let me say that I agree, this awesome little cooker makes everything easy. A recipe guide is included to mix the batter, dip your cheese or dogs, and Voila… Perfect Corn Dogs every time. No Messy Frying. Super easy to store, satisfaction guaranteed!

Get Creative

This little gadget is a must have especially in the summer and when entertaining children (from 1 to 99.) And I have to add that these little corn dogs are perfect appetizers when hanging out around the fire in the evenings. You can serve them straight out of the maker with ketchup and mustard and relish dips.

My sister also told me that she puts Jimmy Dean pre-cooked sausage links on the sticks, uses pancake batter to wrap them in and serves them with warm maple syrup for dipping. Her kids love them! So getting creative with this little machine could be a lot of fun!

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