Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Roaster Pro – About Us

I grew up in a large family and evening meals were one of the few times in the day that we would, without fail, all come together in one place. My father would arrive home from work every afternoon, promptly at 4:17, set his lunch box on the counter and announce, “I’m home, let’s eat.” He would wash his hands in the kitchen sink, dry them on the tea towel and sit down at the head of the table. His six kids, his wife (our mother) and my grandmother, would then all take our seats at the dinner table and the ‘breaking of bread’ would commence.

Potluck or Picnic in Spring

My mother and my grandmother were both wonderful cooks. We always had delicious meals that we, now as adults, have raised our own children on. Their recipes have been passed down and repeated over and over again. We have also purchased many of the same cooking vessels as we grew up washing and drying and putting away. (Six kids? Who needed an automatic dishwasher.)

Over the years I have not only compiled my favorite recipes, but many stories of how they have moved through several generations and have landed here in order to preserve them, share roasterfav2them and see just how they’ve been tweaked and perfected over the years. Likewise I have shared all of our favorite cookware and the Roaster Ovens that we have always preferred and use daily to create the dishes we serve to family, friends and at parties through out the year.

We here at Roaster Pro hope you enjoy your time on our site and wish you all the best in your culinary endeavors.

Sinerely, Ashley Micheals